Some personal observations, and things to think about

It has become increasingly obvious to me that the same groups are monetarily supporting both Republicans and Democrats, and of course these groups have the same agenda. All this fighting between the two parties is nothing but a show, a distraction meant to keep all us distracted. The media is their tool; they play FOX off CNBC, Liberals off Conservatives, etc. The true puppet-masters long ago figured out that it was much easier to play two sides against each other, in order to keep the public’s eyes off of them thereby furthering their agenda. This is extremely easy to do here in the US because there are so many distractions, most of which can be traced to the growing amount of distractions such as our addiction to TV.

So called reality TV has got to be the worst thing ever invented, instead of escaping are reality we need to face it. What happened to the Romans when they became addicted to watching the blood baths in the coliseum, while Cesar was bleeding them dry? Sports, my mother told me about someone she knows that could name every player on their favorite football team, yet did not know who the President is. We are so addicted to sports that we don’t know who our politicians are. I can’t tell you how sick I get every time I hear how much some of these people get paid to play a GAME, and whine about how unfairly they’re treated. I have to constantly drag my 10-year-old daughter away from the TV, to get her to read. Ever noticed how Disney plays the same stupid shows over and over, I can’t be the only parent that’s driven crazy by this.

All the bull the media is feeding us cannot distract us, in order to get control over our future we must first understand what the end game is. In order to do this you must first understand the growing demand on the world resources. It’s important to understand that most of the world lives at the poverty level. What do you think would happen if everyone were brought up to the same standard of living? Do you really think there are enough resources? It would be impossible to bring the entire world up to our standard of living. However it would be much easier to bring our standard of living down.

Now before you all label me as ANOTHER CRACKPOT, I want you to let this sink in. There have been many well-documented studies done on “The Affects of World Peace”, by our government, and the UN, and many others. All this wealth of information is easier to find than you might think, thank God for the Freedom of Information Act, and the Internet. So before you judge me, look at the UN’S website, or search through the library of congress.

Open your eyes to what is going on right in front of you. We are going into 11 years of THE WAR ON TERROR, and yet the boarders are still unsecure and people, drugs and God only knows what is coming across. You would think that after over 35,000 deaths on our border someone would ask why a few hundred is more important in a country on the ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DAMN GLOBE. But yet it is becoming far more intrusive and inconvenient when it comes to traveling within our country. It is easier to control people when transportation is controlled. It is much easier to control, not only the wages, but the people of an uneducated work force. Look at the total cost of people addicted to drugs, the lives destroyed, burden on judicial and healthcare systems. Is this not a threat to national security? Are drug lords any different than terrorists? Shouldn’t we kill them too? Before you shut me down because I said kill I want you to consider the following. They are responsible for more deaths than terrorism, and they do not fear prison because they control everyone in them. It’s about money not ideas to them, so they do fear death. After all money has no use to the dead. Is it easier to control a portion of our population that is hooked on drugs? Yet another way to tear at the very fabric that has made us great, is by tearing family’s apart. People are easier to control when the traditional families are eroded, and right and wrong starts to blur. There was an internal memo 200 in 1974, written by that well known HUMANITARIAN, Henry Kissinger that stated the following. “Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” Does this explain why nobody cares about what’s going on in Mexico? Or let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands that have been and continue to be slaughtered in Africa?

There is a document the UN is actually selling on their website called Agenda 21 that has some very interesting information on their Worldview. You don’t however have to buy it to read it; you can go through it page by page off their website. And I know 300 pages is a bit much, but it is less than the 2,000 page healthcare act that nobody bothered reading before passing. Yes, I know we are all guilty of signing things we don’t take time to read. Maybe it’s time we all started demanding some shorter contracts with BIGGER LETTERS, so that we can read it before getting a damn headache. It is interesting to me that people were making fun of presidential candidate Herman Cain when he said that, “he wouldn’t put forth legislation over 3 pages long”. Don’t you think it’s a good idea for everyone to be able to read, and understand things being passed through legislation?

It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Democrat or Republican you need to understand, all politicians after their first term become addicted to power. After two or more terms in office they become increasingly self-serving. If you’re one of those people who think it’s good to have someone in office that’s been in politics a long time, think again. Real estate prices in Washington are higher than anywhere else in the country. Why? Have you ever looked at Congresses benefit package? Do you know they vote on their own raises? Is it fair that someone who works for two years and is able to retire receiving full benefits? Do they have to enroll in the same healthcare package they passed for us? If they can’t pay their taxes on time, or balance their own checkbooks, why is it that we allow them to add more crap to the tax code, and decide on how to spend the Nations money? You can’t just pick and chose the RATS to get rid of; you have to get rid of them all in order to clean the nest.

Every conspiracy theory has a bit of truth in it; you just have to dig it out of all the crap that surrounds it. Liberal Democrats like to lump anyone with money into the same category to demonize them and blame them for keeping the lower classes down. On the other side Conservative Republicans, accuse Democrats of wanting too much government involvement in our affairs. Both have good and bad points. There is no doubt that the people that are pulling the strings are rich, but they are a select few, the global financers. As for too much government, the only thing I can say about this is that, Republicans do not always practice what they preach. On the premise of national security our freedoms are being trampled on. The tighter the nose is drawn around the American public the more agitated it gets. What happens when the people that are bullied finally decide to strike back, maybe that’s what they want? Just think of the MONSTER Homeland Security has become. Call me crazy, but that sure seems like another way of EXPANDING GOVERNMENT. Not to mention all these private security firms that keep popping up, all of that report to and are paid by the government. Again let me go back to, HELLO!! THE BORDERS ARE STILL NOT SECURE. So please stop blowing smoke up my rear. I no longer believe this is all for our safety.

Okay let me put it this way, the more National Defense, and National Security grows the more dependent are economy becomes on WAR. It’s far more cost effective to start another conflict than to re-train and reorganize all these groups. That is unless, of course, they decide to use these groups against their own people. Do a little research on how many private firms and new agencies have popped up over the last 10 years, not to mention the existing ones that have expanded. The TSA and FEMA are also expanding their operations, and authority. You wouldn’t believe what has come out about these two agencies. What happens when all the enemies are killed or pacified? Okay maybe this is a little far-fetched after all nobody is better at creating enemies everywhere, than the US government.

Let me move on to the current energy crisis. I won’t go into picking sides on the global warming issue; both sides have some good points. I will say that if you don’t practice what you preach, you should not tell me how to live. For those of you, that are passionate on the issue, when you chose someone to speak for you it better not be someone who stands to gain millions, if not billions from your particular side. You can’t push people into buying electric cars when they, don’t have the money, or credit to buy one. You can’t push solar and wind power to fully replace nukes, and coal, when they are dependent on sun, and wind. We cannot possibly keep up with demand, not to mention how expensive they are. Here’s a novel idea why don’t we use our resources get back down to $1.80 gas and tack on an additional $0.40 to put towards alternative sources. Not only could we pay the new power generation plants, but also we would no longer need the Middle East. Every one with a brain knows we have to take care of our environment, but we just disagree on how to best do it.

The wheels of change are turning too fast and, going in a direction that should concern all of us. This “what’s good for one is good for all”, attitude towards legislation being speed through our government needs to stop. Not every Country is the same, or every State, or every family. Politics should not be a carrier. Ask your self is it really such a good idea to have the destiny of the many controlled by the few, who’s loyalty is questionable at best. All politicians should have term limits, the longer they stay the more they forget what the real world is like, and the more they poison the system. Most politicians are nothing more than a good actors that is able to convince enough people that, he or she is the right person for the job. Most politicians are not that bright just listen to most of the stupid answers the give; they tend to read from the same script.

Let me pose another question for you, on the debt limit. When you look at the countries that we are told were in debt to ask yourself who built their economies, and where did they get the money? Follow the money; as in the money that has been and is still being loaned to them, the real question is who owes whom? When you look into the background, of these commentators in the media saying we can’t default ask yourself who is pulling their strings and why? You need to understand how the monetary system works; every time more money is dumped into the system our currency loses its value. IOU’S backs all this new money from our government. WE HAVE BECOME SO DEPENDENT ON DEBT, THAT WE PAY OUR DEBT WITH MORE DEBT!! When you borrow money from the bank don’t they want some kind of collateral? So the question becomes what is our government using as collateral to get more money from the Federal Reserve? No, the Federal Reserve is not part of the government, look it up. While you’re at it look up the banks that make up the Federal Reserve, did they receive any bailout money?

Why are those of us that question what’s going on labeled so vehemently as crazy. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to first find out why I think the way I do? People seem to be more inclined to believe in a conspiracy on Aliens from outer space, than one about our own government, and how they seem to want more control over; our resources, environment, and us. My suggestion to everyone is to not depend on regular media outlets for complete accuracy on anything. Most of what I find or see is on the Internet, or right out in the open, the bigger the issue the harder to hide.

When it comes down to it why do we have to be stuck on this two party system? Aren’t the rest of you sick having to decide between idiot A, or idiot B? Don’t we need someone else to keep them in line. My purpose here is to convince people to take a step back and open their eyes to the obvious. If you can sit on Facebook for two hours, then you can make time to look some this information up. Educate yourself before it’s too late. I’ve drawn my conclusion, it’s up to you to draw your own.


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